About Eli Thomas for Men

At Eli Thomas Menswear, our motto has always been “ When you look your best…you do your best!” The founder of our organization has lived by these words while encouraging the customers to do so as well.

For 50 years, Eli Thomas Menswear has brought the Silicon Valley top quality merchandise from around the world. We stay ahead of the competition by presenting our customers with timeless classic looks.

Our commitment to current and high quality fashions has always been the driving force behind the success of our business, like Eli Thomas said, “Take care of the customer and the customer will take care of us!”


At Eli Thomas for Men, we have in-house tailoring for both men and women. Whether it's men's casual, business casual, suits, sports coats or formalwear, we can have it tailored to you. We also do custom-made suits, shirts, and slacks.