Eton Size Guide

The ultimate shirt experience starts with the fit. At Eton, we offer four carefully designed styles to help every customer find an ideal match for their body type and personal tastes.

Super Slim Fit – an extra slim silhouette with impeccable comfort

Slim Fit – a shirt with fitted chest and waist

Contemporary Fit – a model that is slightly fitted around the waist

Classic Fit – a comfortable fit for those who prefer some extra space

How to measure?

eton shirt size super slim

eton shirt size slim

eton shirt size contemporary

eton shirt size classic

eton shirt size measure

eton shirt size measure

If you are a new Eton customer we recommend that you measure your favorite shirt and compare with the measurements in the tables above. Have in mind that our measurements are from our shirts and are not body measurements. Start from the collar size and choose your body fit depending on how you would like the shirt to fit.